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Men's dress socks. This is perhaps one of the most overlooked pieces of clothing by very many men who wear it. Its importance has in most cases watered down by the fact that most of the times a good portion of it is covered, hence the conclusion that the public won't notice the appearance, condition or even the design of this vital piece of clothing. It's time we delved into the pivotal role of the sock in men's dressing. Learn more about gift ideas for men,  go here. 


The sock has a long history dating back to the cave men. These men used to tie pieces of animal skin on their feet in order to keep warm and experience the pleasure of having a comfortable hug on their feet. The sock however has evolved over time from the skin around the feet, through the medieval times where the sock was used for luxury by the nobility, to the sock of the 21st century that we all are aware of.  Find out for further details on cool socks for men right here.


In these times the sock is even used as a fashionable piece of clothing. The habit of men crossing their legs with sole purpose of displaying the sock underneath is becoming more and more palatable to many celebrities and even common people. It's not shocking to see even very powerful and revered leaders exhibiting some fun socks with very bright colors on them to try and show the world that its not always serious business with them.


The use of the sock has even inspired clubs to be formed. There are clubs such as sock of the month club whose membership to some people may sound a bit funny but hey, the club members must be having a fun time trying to come up with the best sock for month. In some cases the clubs even go the extent of giving crucial advice to ladies on the perfect gift ideas when it comes to buying socks for their men.


The sock of today comes in many designs, shapes, sizes and colors. The basic shape of a foot holds though, for all socks. You may however find socks with the shape of toes that some would consider as crazy socks. You could also come across some funky socks with multiple colors on them. But all in all, at the end of it all, the decision on what kind of sock goes on which foot will rest squarely on the preference of the wearer.